Lost Props: The Lost Auction Results

Sawyer's DHARMA jumpsuit
Sawyer’s DHARMA jumpsuit

The Pilot episode script signed by JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof $15,000
Oceanic flight wreckage used to cover Sawyer’s stash: $7,000
Sawyer’s beach camp chair: $2,750
Row of Oceanic Airlines plane seats: $1,700 and $1,800
Oceanic wreckage used for Rose and Bernard’s camp shelter: $2,500
Jack’s Pilot episode costume which he wears after the crash: $3,000
Jack’s season one medical costume: $850
Kate’s Pilot episode costume: $1,300
Other Kate season one costumes: $750, $650, $750, $1,500
Kate’s costume from “House of the Rising Sun”: $850
Hurley’s season one costume and backpack: $850
Hurley’s costume from the episode “The Numbers” including the number 72 on it: $475
Sawyer’s Pilot episode costume (blue shirt and jeans): $650
Sawyer’s Pilot episode costume (gray shirt and jeans): $1,400
Locke’s costume, binoculars and compass: $2,500
Other Locke season one costumes: $475, $650
Locke’s costume worn at Boone’s funeral: $1,100
Locke’s costume from the episode “Born To Run”: $1,600
Sayid’s Pilot episode costume (gray shirt, black pants): $650
Sayid’s costume from the episode “Deus Ex Machina”: $425
Jin’s season one costume (tan pants): $400
Jin’s season one costume (blue pants): $200
Jin’s distressed costume from “In Translation”: $425
Sun’s season one costume (yellow top and multi-colored skirt): $500
Sun’s season one island costume and backpack: $500
Sun’s costume from the episode, “Walkabout”: $450
Sun’s bikini from the episode, “In Translation”: $1,200
Sun’s dress from “House Of The Rising Sun”: $400
Claire’s costume from the episode “The Moth” (black tank top and pants): $350
Claire’s costume from the episode “The Moth” (gray shirt and blue skirt): $350
Charlie’s season one costume (black jacket, striped shirt, jeans): $3,500
Liam Pace’s Drive Shaft concert costume from “The Moth”: $700
Charlie’s costume from the episode “White Rabbit”: $700
Michael’s season one costume (blue shirt, tan pants): $325
Michael’s island costume (orange shirt, jeans): $375
Walt’s costume from the pilot episode: $500
Walt’s distressed shirt and life jacket worn on the raft: $950
Shannon’s pilot episode costume (pink outfit): $900
Shannon’s island costume (yellow top and gray skirt): $600
Shannon’s island costume from “Hearts and Mind” (pink and purple outfit): $550
Boone’s Pilot episode costume (orange jacket, blue shirt, black pants): $850
Boone’s costume from the episode “Raised By Another”: $450
Rose’s costume from the Pilot episode: $300
Oceanic Airlines pilot costume: $425
Oceanic Airlines jumpsuit: $450
Oceanic Airlines employee uniform: $650
Jack’s season one backpack: $2,500

Jack's backpack Sold For $1,200
Jack’s backpack
Sold For $1,200

Jack’s U.S. passport and customs declaration: $4,750
Jack’s green medical case: $800
Jack’s halliburton: $1,600
Key and necklace to the halliburton briefcase: $2,000
Jack’s medical achievement awards: $1,300
Jack’s framed medical degrees: $1,600
Jack’s wedding vows from ex-wife Sarah: $1,300
Jack’s burgundy medical case: $1,300
Kate’s U.S. passport and police mug shot printout: $4,750
Kate’s metal handcuffs from the Pilot episode: $1,400
Kate’s toy airplane from season one: $6,500!!!!
Kate’s season one backpack: $900

Kate's DHARMA Processing Center costume from "Namaste" Sold For $1,800
Kate’s DHARMA Processing Center costume from “Namaste”
Sold For $1,800

Kate’s mini pocket knife and whittling stick: $600
Kate’s wallet, NM driver’s license and credit cards: $1,400
Kate’s knife with sheath: $1,200
Kate and Tom’s lunchbox time capsule with contents: $1,800
Hurley’s U.S. passport: $3,500
Hurley’s CD/MP3 player and headphones: $1,300
Hurley’s winning Mega Lotto Jackpot ticket: $5,500
Box of Mega Lotto Jackpot ping pong balls (winning numbers): $1,600
Girls soccer backpacks with Hurley’s Lotto numbers: $1,100
Hurley’s Spanish comic book: $3,250
Hurley’s shirt-turned-fishing-net: $1,200
Hurley’s set of Prokennex brand golf clubs: $1,400
Hurley’s Connect Four Game: $700
Improvised golf course hole markers created by Hurley: $1,000
Sawyer’s season one and two backpack: $1,400
Sawyer’s improvised reading glasses from season one: $2,250
Sawyer’s paperback copy of “Watership Down”: $2,750
Sawyer’s letter to the man who murdered his parents: $6,500
Sawyer’s briefcase with fake oil report for oil scam: $850
Locke’s Oceanic Airlines boarding pass: $2,750
Locke’s backpack: $2,250
Locke’s knife set and Rimowa Tropicana Trolley case: $7,500
Locke’s hero wheelchair: $3,250
Locke’s Master Bowie knife with studio blood stains: $3,500
Locke’s collection of rubber stunt Master Bowie knives: $3,250
Locke’s special effects Master Bowie knife: $2,000
Locke’s backgammon set: $7,000
Locke’s tan canvas backpack: $1,800
Sayid’s Oceanic boarding pass, passport, and belongings: $4,250
Sayid’s Koran and archive of CIA surveillance material: $1,600
Set of three Sayid photos of Nadia: $1,000
Jin’s personal belongings: $1,400
Jin’s fishing net and fishing pole: $900
Rolex worn by Jin and later given to Michael: $1,900
Collection of handcuffs worn by Jin: $800
Rolex that Jin delivers for Mr. Paik in Australia: $2,000
Sun’s Oceanic Airlines boarding pass and passports: $2,000
Jin and Sun’s wedding announcement: $2,000
Claire’s Diary: $1,900
4 scorched model Oceanic airplanes from Claire’s dream: $1,600
Claire’s prop baby, Aaron, in bjorn: $850
Baby Aaron’s crib: $8,000
Charlie’s Oceanic Flight 815 boarding pass and belongings: $1,400
Charlie’s personal belongings: $1,600
Charlie’s “DS” ring: $9,000
Charlie’s blindfold with reference photo: $850
Charlie’s “FATE” hand bandages and gauze: $1,200
Charlie’s “Drive Shaft” paraphernalia: $700
Michael’s raft diagram: $1100
Michael’s sketches dawn from the hospital: $750
Box containing letters and cards from Michael to Walt: $1,100
Michael and Walt’s personal belongings: $1,200
Walt’s Spanish comic book: $1,400
Walt’s Gameboy Advance SP: $650
Shannon’s personal belongings: $750
Boone’s personal belongings: $1,700
Oceanic Flight 815 boarding gate sign: $4,750
U.S. Marshal Edward Mars, personal belongings: $600
Boone’s hunting knife: $1,100
Set of Oceanic Airlines pilot ID badges and luggage tags: $1,900
Survivors tools made from the Oceanic 815 wreckage: $700
13 Oceanic Airlines branded water bottles: $1,400
Binder used for the eulogy, first funeral on the island: $750
Island torches used by the survivors in seasons 1 & 2: $1,700
Vincent’s collar and leash: $1,300
Four Virgin Mary statues: $4,250
Collection of Rousseau’s maps: $9,000
Crystallized Black Rock dynamite: $1,300
Black Rock prop dynamite in crate: $1,500
Two crates filled with six Virgin Mary statues: $5,000
Wine bottle with messages from the raft: $2,250
Radar and equipment used on the raft in season one finale: $1,100
Season one production artwork: $14,000
Oceanic Airlines 815 Boeing 777 Digital Maquette: $900
Set design model of the Oceanic Airlines 815 interior: $500
Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute Sign: $750
Set design model of the Swan station hatch: $1,600
Swan station hatch door: $16,000 (highest money getter yet)
The Hatch: $8,000 (wow, the door sold higher than the hatch.)

Season Two:

Jack's Season Six backpack Sold For $1,800
Jack’s Season Six backpack
Sold For $1,800

Jack’s medical bag: $3,250
Kate’s season two island costume: $800
Kate’s costume from the episode “What Kate Did”: 2 costumes with prices of $800, $750
Hurley’s season two costumes: $700
Hurley’s Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack restaurant costume: $750
The actual Mr. Cluck chicken costume: $1,900
Sawyer’s costume from “The Long Con”: $700
Jin’s Seoul Gateway Hotel doorman costume: $650
Pierre Chang’s DHARMA lab suit: $2,000
Desmond’s DHARMA jumpsuit: $4,750
Shannon’s death costume from the episode “Collision”: $950
Kate’s backpack: $850
Kate’s personal belongings: $1,600
Kate’s Smith and Wesson S.W.A.T. pocket knife: $1,200
Collection of Drive Shaft CD cases: $1,500
Mr. Cluck’s employee name tags, buckets, cups, etc: $1,600
“Walt Missing” milk carton from Hurley’s dream sequence: $1,400
Sawyer’s books: $850
Sawyer’s backpack: $1,000
Collection of Sawyer’s “gold chains” used in con job: $600
Pearl Station Hatch: $3,750
Locke’s non-serrated Master Bowie knife w/tape repair: $2,750
Various renditions of Locke’s blast door Map: $2,000
Locke’s Australian “walkabout” book and tourism posters: $1,000
Locke’s “welcome home” business materials: $650
Locke’s engagement ring and apartment key: $850
Locke’s folding pocket knives: $1,700
Sayid’s Republican Guard torture tools and other items: $1,300
Desmond’s books from the Swan Station library: $1,200
Charlie’s acoustic guitar: $4,750
Charlie’s piano: $1,700
Ben’s personal belongings as “Henry Gale”: $1,500
Henry Gale’s hot air balloon and gondola: $850
Desmond’s letters to Penny from prison: $2,000
Penny’s letter to Desmond: $3,500
Desmond’s photograph with Penny at the Marina: $6,500
Desmond’s fail-safe key with “Joe Inman” dog tag: $11,000
Shannon’s Bag: $475
Rose and Bernard’s personal belongings: $1,100
Ana Lucia’s personal belongings: $800
Eko’s machete, cross necklace, and hollowed-out Bible: $4,250
Eko’s signature staff with Bible scripture carvings: $8,000
Lightweight stunt version of Eko’s stick: $4,000
Rousseau’s distressed music box: $2,000
Scope used by Desmond in the Swan Station: $1,600
Swan Station film projector and screen: $2,000
Three DHARMA Initiative orientation films from the Swan: $2,750
DHARMA initiation videos and notepads: $2,000
DHARMA Initiative orientation kit: $3,250
Digital Swan station/hatch wall countdown clock: $6,000
Swan station computer: $16,000
Pearl station printer and “System Failure” log printout: $1,900
Swan station record player: $1,800
Geronimo Jackson LP: $1,600
Dollhouse from Shannon’s father’s funeral: $475
Assortment of DHARMA branded foods: $3,250
DHARMA branded playing cards used by Sawyer and Jack: $4,250
DHARMA notepads and pneumatic canisters from the Pearl: $3,000
Six Apollo chocolate bars: $1,200

Collection of Apollo candy bars Sold For $2,000
Collection of Apollo candy bars
Sold For $2,000

Emma’s teddy bear: $1,200
Season two production artwork: $7,500
DHARMA shark: $1,600
Swan Station hatch door after the discharge: $9,000
DHARMA Initiative Sign: $3,750

Season Three:
Jack’s DHARMA scrubs: $1,200
Jack’s DHARMA surgery scrubs costume from “I Do”: $1,300
Jack’s distressed DHARMA scrubs: $1,400
Kate’s dress from “A Tale Of Two Cities”: $1,600
Kate’s costume from the episode “I Do”: $1,200
Young Ben Linus costume when first meeting Richard: $600
Ben Linus DHARMA jumpsuit from “Man Behind The Curtain”: $1,500
Juliet’s bloodied DHARMA medical scrubs: $1,100
Desmond’s distressed DHARMA jumpsuit: $1,000
Richard Alpert’s “Man Behind The Curtain” costume: $750
Jack’s CA license plate for his Ford Bronco: $2,750
Jack’s divorce papers: $500
Kate and Kevin’s wedding rings: $1,100
Sawyer’s improvised reading glasses: $2,250
Two DHARMA branded beer cans belonging to Sawyer: $1,500
Hurley and Sawyer’s makeshift ping pong paddles and balls: $2,250
Sawyer’s Arrest Report as James Ford: $1,000
Locke’s CA driver’s license and registration: $1,500
Locke’s flash forward coffin with rolling base: $1,200
Sayid’s personal belongings: $1,300
Sayid’s DHARMA cabling map showing the Barracks: $2,000
Aaron’s crib after attacked by the Others: $1,200
Charlie’s “DS” Ring: $8,500
Notepad with Charlie’s top 5 greatest moments: $3,750
Charlie’s guitar with an arrow through the neck: $2,000
Charlie’s flashback guitar and case: $4,500
Ben’s handwritten orders for Juliet’s execution: $1,300
Ben Linus’s glasses: $2,500